Vehicle data sheet


VOLHOV platform


Manufacturer: , Soviet Union

Soviet Union
Type: Other Weight: 14 t
Produced: 1957 Size: Length 8 m, Height 2.5 m
Number built: 4600 Engine: , 0 HP
Crew: 0 Speed: 3600 km/h


Nato code SA 2 Guideline.

In 1954 it become clear that the new 6cm wavelength microwave parts had severe production delays. In response, a crash program was started using the old 10cm wavelength ("A" band in the Soviet Union) microwave parts of the S-25 Berkut (SA-1)system. During 1957, the first 10cm wavelength

SA-75 Dvina “five van” (SA-2A)
system was fielded in the Soviet Union. The five vans were: PA – fire control radar; U – fire control cabin; I– indicator cabin; K3 – instrument cabin; K5 – diesel generator andK6 – power distribution cabin.