Camera platform service


Amongst our special services we offer a camera platform which is fixed on our tanks tracked vehicles and armoured wheeled vehicles.
Our military vehicles have great land rover capacity so they all work reliably on any kinds of grounds or solid surfaces and in any weather conditions.
The workplace that could be build up on our vehicles is between 10 and 40 square meters. The height of the platform could be from 1 meter, to maximum 4,5 – 5 meters high. The speed of our tanks tracked vehicles is about 0-60/70 kph, while the speed of the armoured wheeled vehicles is between 0-40 kph. Some of them are amphibious which means they can go easily on land, in water and even on marshland.
Fixing of platforms is totally safe, their loadability and transmutability is almost limitless.
We deliver the vehicles on our own trailer and we also provide a trained specialist.


Mobile camera platforms