Vehicle data sheet


ZIL 157-P15 locator


Manufacturer: , Soviet Union

Soviet Union
Type: Radars Weight: 4.2 t
Produced: 1950 Size: Length 6.9 m, Height 2.3 m
Number built: 50000 Engine: Diesel, 109 HP
Crew: 4 Speed: 94 km/h


The vehicle utilises large single tyres on twin rear drive axles, and the manually operated transfer case allows 6 x 6 wheel drive in low ratio for high gradient and slippery conditions. The tyres feature adjustable tyre pressure controls that allow the tyres to overcome flats and also to be adjusted to low pressure for soft terrain.

ZIL-157 was in production from 1958 to 1961; the improved K model from 1961 to 1964, various other improved models later taking its place. The last variant, the ZIL-157KD, was in production from 1976 to 1982. Most of these were export models (the USSR having changed over to the ZIL-131 in the meantime.) A production run of 14 years. The vehicle is still widely used around the world in both military and civilian guise.

The P15 is a high mobility radar and with the system was able to be deployed and taken down in no more than 10 minutes. The P15 uses two open frame elliptical parabolic antenna accomplishing both transmission and reception each antenna being fed by a single antenna feed.