Vehicle data sheet


MAZ 537 G (semitrailer)


Manufacturer: , Soviet Union

Soviet Union
Type: Trucks Weight: 22 t
Produced: 1963 Size: Length 9.13 m, Height 2.89 m
Number built: 200 Engine: Diesel, 525 HP
Crew: 4 Speed: 60 km/h


The design of the MAZ-537 ( MINSKY AVTOMOBILNY ZAVOD) series began during the early 1960s to produce a heavy load carrier and construction vehicle for use in remote areas. It is a further development of the MAZ-535 8x8 artillery tractor. Production of the MAZ-537 commenced in 1963 and it was first observed in 1964. Production of all variants was carried out at the Mink Motor Vehicle Plant. Most versions of the MAZ-537 are used as tank transporters. Despite it's age this heavy military vehicle is still in service with a number of countries, including Russia.

   The MAZ-537 tank transporter can tow semi-trailers with medium and main battle tanks with a maximum weight of 50 000 kg both on roads and rugged terrain. It is still capable of towing any MBT currently in service with the Russian Army.

   A forward control cab provides seating for driver and three passengers.

   The MAZ-537 is powered by a standard tank engine, developing 525 hp. It is worth mentioning, that this engine had a short service life. Vehicle has a full-time all-wheel drive. There is a power assisted steering of front four wheels. Standard equipment includes an engine pre-heater, to assist starting in cold climate, and powerful cab heaters. A central tyre inflation system is fitted, to provide better traction over sand and soft ground.

ID Vehicle name Category Condition Available for rent Available for sale Location
MT000228 MAZ 537 G (semitrailer) Trucks intact, operational Available Available Budaörs
MT000227 MAZ537G (semitrailer) Trucks intact, operational Available Available Budaörs