Vehicle data sheet


URAL 1L22 parol


Manufacturer: , East Germany

East Germany
Type: Radars Weight: 8.4 t
Produced: 1961 Size: Length 3.27 m m, Height 2.3 m
Number built: Engine: Diesel, 180 HP
Crew: 4 Speed: 75 km/h


Parol serves to identify the nationality of air, sea and land targets, and in older systems Kremnyj-2 and the newer system Parol. The Parol mode operates in six modes, what are you do not remember exactly, but in our conditions were used only two or three. Parol since worked in a band and worked as Kremnyj encoded signals (Kremnyj sent only three modulated pulses), these regimes wide range of uses, such as in the sixth mode in response to information located on the fuel remaining in the tank questioning the aircraft. 
As regards the Parol 1L22 antenna system, for it is located as emitters for both the Parol Kremnyj. Parol broadcast source funnel into a parabolic reflector, the wavelength is estimated to 10 cm. The reflector is two or four dipoles are the transmitters for Kremnyj, the wavelength of about 40 cm. Because the radiation pattern of antenna system for Kremnyj be large enough loop back, placed the side reflector antenna that had additional lighting characteristics shaped to overlap mainly rear lobe of directional characteristics. In the system of income odpoveďových signals are then evaluated in which the antenna (in which the income channel) was stronger signal level and the signal is either suppressed (if it is stronger in additional channels of income) or amplified and processed further (if the signal was stronger in the main channel of income) shown on the indicator. 
Antenna system is rotated synchronously with the antenna rangefinders and identification of targets are displayed on-screen mark-target range finders. This milestone I want to refute the information that the Parol "is designed for surveillance of air targets, the information disclosed is able to independently communicate to other entities (active agents, central command). separately seek aerial objects. "which was mentioned above. Inside the cabin of the Parol-contained no screen (except the control instrument) on which could appear airy situation.