Vehicle data sheet


ATSZ 59G crane


Manufacturer: , Soviet Union

Soviet Union
Type: Tracked engineering Weight: 13 t
Produced: 1960 Size: Length 6.28 m, Height 2.3 m
Number built: 5000 Engine: Diesel, 300 HP
Crew: 4 Speed: 45 km/h


The ATS-59 medium tracked artillery tractor appeared in the late1950s as the replacement for the AT-S tractor, and uses a number ofcomponents of the T-54 MBT. The ATS-59 is used for towing artillerysuch as the 130 mm M-46 field gun.The layout of the vehicle is unusual, with the engine behind thecab, preventing the full length of the cargo area being used as theengine compartment projects into it. The steel cab has a door in eachside and there is a circular hatch in the right side of the roof. Therear cargo area has a tailgate, removable bows and a tarpaulin cover.The suspension consists of five large roadwheels with the drivesprocket at the front and the idler at the rear. There are notrack-return rollers.Some ATS-59s have had the rear cargo area removed and a fifth wheelmounted on the top of the rear chassis for towing semi-trailerscarrying the SA-2 surface-to-air missile. The vehicle has also beenseen in service fitted with a hydraulically operated dozer blade onthe front of the hull.